1. Bio

Fig 1. Fellowship to study historical geography

Fig 2. Work as an editor, writer, librarian and designer

Fig 3. Graduate studies in information systems, human computer interaction and interaction design

Fig 4. Currently Working as a User Experience Designer for an open-source software company, ByWater Solutions; previously a UX Designer at an E-commerce Company; also the Curriculum Coordinator for the UX Design Program at Rutgers University, and adjunct faculty in media arts at Mercer County Community College

My interests are the intersection of society and technology, and the ways sociology can help us understand and develop technologies. My early academic work focused on historical geography: how national identity, revolution and immigration are intertwined; and how physical evidence like murals, graffiti and monuments reflect national identity.

This interest continued in graduate school where my areas of focus were information systems and interaction design. My research and work centered on creating systems and experiences that responded to the social contexts in which they were used.

I have worked as an editor for a journal; a cataloger and designer for a university library and archives (with a focus on textiles, architecture and product design); a designer for an open-source software company; and as part of a design team working on a exhibition on the JFK Assassination.

I won an award in 2011 for digital innovation in libraries (the Cross-Pollinator Award), published my first article (on the role of user research in new product development) in 2012, and organized a successful series of design talks and workshops in New Jersey.

I am currently working as a designer and front-end developer for an open-source software company (ByWater Solutions), adjunct faculty the Division of Media and Art, Mercer County Community College; and as program coordinator for the UX Design Program at Rutgers University. I previously worked as an information architect and UX Designer for an ecommerce company.

Want to get in touch? Email me at talk -at- michaelcabus.com. I am on Twitter, @alotofmath.